What areas do you cover?


London SE19, SE20, SE21, SE22, SE23, SE26, SE27. Plus some parts of SE15 & BR3


If you live on a road with permit parking you will need to provide us with a permit for each call. 


If you live in South West London, we highly recommend our friends at Sitting Kitty www.sittingkitty.co.uk who are extremely professional and highly experienced. 


If you live in other areas, please contact your local vet, who will be able to advise you of cat sitters in your locality.

How much do you charge? Short answer. 

Regular bookings: £20 per call 

Short notice bookings: £25 per call 

Bank Holiday bookings: £25 per call 

Short notice Bank Holiday bookings: £30 per call, if available. 

Festive season bookings: £30 per call. Booking before November recommended. 


Due to the effect Covid-19 has had on our livelihoods, payment is due in full 30 days before the first call (or or booking if the time is shorter). This is not refundable.

How much do you charge? Long answer. 



Most calls are £20 each, on most days of the year when booked with 14 days or more notice. We call once per day in most circumstances, usually during the hours of 12pm - 7pm Please see Other Charges for out-of-hours calls etc. 





A registration fee applies for new or returning clients. 


Registration is £25.


Due to Covid-19, we are not currently conducting our registrations in your own home.  Instead we will phone you at an arranged time.  During this call we will learn about you and your cats, including your preferences and theirs, note down any information we need to know about your home, and complete the paperwork remotely.


This will be followed up by a quick doorstep meeting to introduce ourselves in person, test the keys, and give you a copy of the registration form. We will be wearing a mask at this time.


The fee includes free storage of your keys for 18 months. All clients who rebook within each 12 month period are automatically reregistered. Clients returning after 18 months or more will need to reregister and have their details updated. 


Prices per call include up to four cats per household. Small caged pets such as house rabbits, hamsters, fish, exotics etc are also included in this rate, up to two cages/tanks per house. 


If you have more than four cats, more than two sets of small pets, or outside animals such as fish, chickens or rabbits, please contact us for a quote tailored to your needs. 


During quieter months, for existing clients who have horses stabled nearby, Jane M is sometimes able to offer hacking (Western). 





Due to Covid-19, full payment is 30 days before the first call. This is not refundable.


Please pay by bank transfer: our account details are on your contract. 

Use your cats name and your surname and postcode as the banking reference, eg Mousey Smith. SE19. 


Please drop us an email to confirm the payment has been made. 




A premium rate of £25 per call is charged on short notice bookings, ie those with less than 14 days notice, and on Bank Holiday weekends. 


Short notice bookings for Bank Holiday weekends will be charged at £30, if they are available. 


Calls booked during the ’12 days of Christmas’ are charged at £30 per call. Please note the festive season is always booked months in advance. 



Other charges 


Additional daily calls: £30 per call 


Out of hours calls (before 12pm or after 7pm): £40 per call. We are not able to make early/late calls over the festive period. 


Purchase of additional litter/food etc: £30 per hour, plus the cost of the materials. 


Emergency vet visits: £30 per hour or part thereof, plus vet charges. 

This may be reclaimable on your pet insurance. 


Lock emergencies: £30 per hour when dealing with locksmiths etc on your behalf, such as in the case of a burglary or a broken or faulty lock. 

This may be reclaimable on your home insurance. 


Key collection: £30. 


Unavoidable parking charges: £30 admin charge, plus the charge made by the parking authority 


Outdoor plant watering: Click here.

How much notice do I need to give? 


As much as possible! Usually between 4 weeks and 3 months, depending on the time of year. The majority of our clients book months in advance. 


We are particularly busy during Bank Holiday weekends, plus all of June, July, August, September and the festive season of 22 December – 2 January. 


During these dates we give priority to clients who use us regularly throughout the year. 


Clients whose work takes them away at very little notice are asked to let us know their situation beforehand – we are happy to help when forewarned. 


Please make sure you have read and understood our cancellation policy before booking. 


We're not monsters!  Clients suffering bereavement or other sudden emergencies who need to leave home urgently are only charged at the standard (lowest) rate.

How long are the calls?


This depends on your cat.  Some shy cats prefer a shorter visit whilst they assess whether they would like to be friends or not.  Bolder cats or kittens will want a cuddle on the sofa.  Other cats reserves their affection for their mum or dad, and see us as merely the ‘hired help’, only there to service their immediate needs!


It’s down to the individual cats and we respect this. After all, it’s their home, not ours!

What is your cancellation policy?


Due to the effect covid-19 has had on our livelihood, we now need to have calls paid 30 days in advance. Past this time the calls are not refundable.


What time of day do you call?



Usually, but not exclusively, between the hours of 12pm and 7pm.

Do you change litter trays?


Yes, of course! Please make sure you leave plenty of litter, a proper litter scoop, bags for disposal, cleaning equipment and a dustpan and brush. 


If your cat normally goes out and you’ve decided to keep them in while you’re away, please leave lots of litter. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of litter required. If we do have to buy extra litter, proper litter scoops or poop disposal bags on your behalf, we do make a charge for this.

Can I check on my cat while I’m away?


Please do! Just drop us an email asking for an update and we will reply. 


You are welcome to email as often as you like – we are happy to update and reassure you how things are with your cats and home.  That way you can get back to the important business of enjoying your trip away.

Emails are checked at the beginning and end of each day, Monday to Friday only.  Please note at the weekends we check the emails once daily for emergencies only.  Also, we are very busy during the festive period, so there can be some delay with updates during this time. 

How secure will my home be?


As secure as you leave it. We are very thorough at engaging all locks and security systems.  We will alternate curtains, lights, radios etc if you so request.


We bring in your mail, organic box deliveries or milk bottles, plus move bins as requested.  This helps to give your home the appearance of being occupied.


We do not use sign written vehicles, and we make our calls as discreetly as possible.  We do not want to advertise to the casual observer that you are not home.

What about my keys?


The keys you give us should be a spare set – not in use by another family member. 


If you prefer, we can hold your keys in our secure facilities. We offer this service free of charge to regular clients and 99% of our clients choose to leave their keys with us, for our mutual convenience. We safely dispose of keys if a client has not made a booking after 18 months.


We never EVER drop keys through your letterbox on the last call.  If you were delayed in returning we would not be able to access your house to care for your cat.


If you would like your keys returned to you when your booking ends, please email us to let us know you have returned safely. We will drop your keys to you when we are next in your area. If you would then like to make further bookings, you will need to personally drop the keys to us, or arrange a courier at your own expense.


Please note, we are not a key holding service! If you are locked out on an evening or weekend you will not be able to contact us. We recommend you leave a spare set with a neighbour or in your desk at work, if your office has 24 hour security.

My cat has a medical condition – can you assist?


We have experience of caring for cats with diabetes, thyroid conditions, kidney failure, dialysis, feline asthma, leukaemia, terminal cancer, heart disease and paraplegia. If your cat is well enough to be at home, we can care for them.

What happens if my cat becomes unwell?



We will take your cat to their own vet, or to the nearest vet in an emergency.  We will contact you immediately by phone using the number you have provided.


As all the local surgeries know Cat Calls, we will arrange for the vet to invoice you directly, or we will settle the bill on your behalf, for you to reimburse us upon your return.  


Please note we charge £30 per hour for this service.

Should I leave the cat flap open?



Locking the cat flap and leaving a litter tray ensures total peace of mind for you, and also prevents any other cats intruding. 


However, your cat may resent having their freedom curtailed, and may take this out on you, or your furniture! 


As with all things feline, we must respect the cat’s individuality.

There are now reliable brands of cat flap which you can program to give your cat a curfew, while the app updates you.  We recommend Sureflap.


Please see above re litter trays if you decide to keep your otherwise outdoor cat inside.

Do you water plants?



House Plants


Group all plants together and leave full written instructions regarding their care.  There is no extra charge for this, however, you will need to leave a note to remind us with each new booking.



Garden Plants


If you have an outside hose, we charge £5 per 15 minutes or part thereof. 


If we have to carry a watering can, we charge £10 per 15 minutes of part thereof as this is time consuming and hard on our backs!


As the English summer is so unpredictable, please leave cash to cover watering every day. We will collect payment on whichever days watering is required. We will, of course, make a note of the days we have watered.  If payment is not left, we will invoice you for our time upon your return.  If you don't want us to water your plants, just say in the note. We don't like to leave them to die!


Please take hanging baskets down, and group them with outside pots, preferably in a shady spot.  This gives them the best chance of survival, should we have a very hot spell.

Is there anything else I should know?



Your instructions


Leave a clear, up to date note for each booking, as often food or medication needs change over time.  Please leave this in the kitchen, next to the cat food so that it can be read by us when we visit.


We are happy to measure out food by the gram, if required.  Please leave out your scales, and a note saying how many grams for each cat over a 24 hour period. 





We call once per day, usually but not exclusively between the hours of 12pm and 7pm. 


We have many clients whose cats have special requirements – these cats always take priority for our fixed time appointments. Therefore it is not possible to book specifically timed calls.


Please do not ask for calls to be made alternate days, even if you have a relative or neighbour calling. This invalidates our insurance and prevents us providing professional care for your cat.





We prefer not to use auto feeders, however if you must, these are to be used for dry diets only.  A feeder is not a substitute for a call from us –  but they can be used for supplementary snacks during the day.  The only feeder we use ourselves and find to be totally reliable is to CatMate C20.  We do not recommend any of the circular feeders.


Please ensure the timers are switched on, and have fresh batteries.


If you chose to use a feeder other than the CatMate C20, please leave full instructions. We cannot be held responsible for malfunctioning auto feeders. 





Working with animals often means unforeseen circumstances, which can cause delays.  For example unexpected vet visits, unanticipated clean ups, elderly cats with upset tummies, various creatures your cats have hunted and brought into the house, problems with locks or alarms, and all manner of other unforeseeable situations. All of these (and more, we’ve seen it all!) may mean we can run late. It doesn’t happen every day, but it can happen at any time, so please bear this in mind.

What do your clients say?


We have some great feedback. See our testimonials here.

How do I book?     


Email us at catcalls@btconnect.com.  We only take bookings via email.


Please put your surname, postcode and requested dates in the subject box for quick reference.


Tell us who you are, when you’ll be away, and if you have any specific queries not covered in this website.


Due to Covid-19, we are not currently conducting our registrations in your own home.  Instead we will phone you at an arranged time.  During this call we will learn about you and your cats, including your preferences and theirs, note down any information we need to know about your home, and complete the paperwork remotely.


This will be followed up by a quick doorstep meeting to introduce ourselves in person, test the keys, and give you a copy of the registration form. We will be wearing a mask at this time.


Registration is £25.


Once you are registered, any further bookings can be made via email with sufficient notice.  If you have asked for your keys to be returned you will need to get them back to us at least one week before your new booking starts.


Please bear in mind the office is closed in the evenings and at weekends. We like to spend this time with our own cats!

Why can’t I book online?


Each cat and each booking are individual.  There are many factors to check and be sure of when taking a booking. We prefer to book personally, via email, to avoid miscommunications.

How do I contact you?


Please email all enquiries or bookings to info@catcalls.co.uk


In an emergency please email with ‘URGENT’ in the subject title.


You can leave a message on our answerphone 020 8771 4299.  Messages are checked once daily, Mon – Fri, during the hours of 10am and 5pm.

We're not an emergency service, so we can't advertise our personal mobile numbers.