With Cat Calls 


Your cats stay at home, happy and content in their own familiar surroundings. 


Your cats are saved a stressful journey to a cattery and a stay in an unfamiliar environment. 


You aren’t imposing your neighbours, friends or relatives. 


Your home is safe, secure and checked daily. 


Your elderly or medicated cats are cared for by specialists. 



How much do you charge? 


Regular bookings: £20 per call 

Short notice bookings: £25 per call 

Bank Holiday bookings: £25 per call 

Short notice Bank Holiday bookings: £30 per call, if available. 

Festive season bookings: £30 per call. Booking before November recommended. 

Regular bookings: Due to Covid-19, payment is due in full 30 days before the first call. This is non refundable. We will review this policy when we are no longer under government restrictions.


For the full price list, cancellation policy and registration charges please click here



How do I book? 

Email us at catcalls@btconnect.com. We only take bookings in writing, via email. 


Please put your surname, postcode and requested dates in the subject box.


In the main part of your email, please tell us who you are, when you’ll be away, and if you have any specific queries not covered in this website. 


For your initial registration, we’ll arrange a suitable time for either Laura or Jane M to come to your house to meet you, meet your cats, fill out the paperwork, plus test and collect your keys. We try to arrange the registration visits for weekday afternoons or weekday evenings.  This visit usually takes about 30 minutes.


Registration is £25.


Once you are registered, any further bookings can be made via email with sufficient notice. If you have asked for your keys to be returned you will need to get them back to us at least one week before any subsequent bookings start. 


Please bear in mind the office is closed in the evenings and at weekends. We like to spend time with our own cats!



Any more questions? 


See our FAQ section.