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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Cat Calls Covid Chronacles

Weds 18 MARCH 2020

Well, this is a thing isn’t it? Id wanted more time to resurrect the Cat Calls Blog……( Be careful what you wish for!

TRIGGER ALERT: there will probably be some profanity.


( not sorry : Lacking the confidence to be a stand-up comedian, and also lacking the talent, I’m just going to vent here)

So, along with comfy and cute cat-tales from the last 25 years, I’ll be posting stuff about the current situation, asking you Reader ( shamelessly plagiarising Jane Eyre ) to suggest other topics to be covered.

As things currently stand, the UK is in trouble, along with the rest of the world.

Biped humanoids who are elderly, or have health issues already must be beside themselves with fear.

Cats must be rubbing their paws with glee that hopefully the Croydon Cat Killer is hopefully at home, coughing up his diseased organs, and not out wreaking death and despair on them and their loved ones. And hopefully he will die a long, painful and horrible death soon. Good riddance.

Cats must be equally delighted that their humans are at home, on lockdown, to either give them endless cuddles and / or be delightfully ignored, with an imperious flick of the tail!

First, I want to address cats and Coronavirus.

Animals should not be able to pass on Coronavirus to humans. Please check out Paxton Vets reassurance on this.

Love your cats ( and dogs, horses, guinea pigs: whatever you cuddle ) and thank them for the love they give to you.

If you HAVE to panic-buy: let it be cat food, litter, any medication that they need.

Leaving this here right now, so see who wants more.

Please email to if you want more:

Keep Calm, and Catty on!

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