How time flies when you're having fun


Here are testimonials from some of our lovely clients, old and new, including Jeremy the vet who runs his own cat-specific veterinary practice The London Cat Clinic.
Many of these clients have been with us for 10 or more years – some for over 25 years!
We’ve also included very kind and much appreciated words from more recent Cat Calls converts. 



Jane and the crew at Cat Calls are absolutely amazing and we recommend them without hesitation.


We (and more importantly) Guppy and Humphrey feel completely at ease with their temporary 'parents'. It is rare to find a group of people that are so obviously focused on the well being and care of our pets over anything else.  


Additionally, the fact that Cat Calls staff equal us in our 'cat-madness' makes them the only choice for cat-sitting. 


I have one cat that requires quite a lot of medication and has done for a long period of time.


Jane and the team's attention to the details related to this and the ability to administer the medications without stressing Guppy is a godsend and a real piece of mind for me as a feline vet. 


Their willingness to help, flexibility and fantastic, cheery customer service are hallmarks of a quality team. 

Dr Jeremy Campbell MRCVS, James Hartley, Guppy and Humphrey



As Head Vet of Paxton Vet Clinics, I have known Jane and her business Cat Calls for over 15 years now.


We share many of the same clients, and I am always happy to refer my clients to her business, knowing that they will be cared for in a professional manner, and if there are any problems, then she will liaise with me as to the best course of action.


Jane is exceptionally dedicated to her business and clients, as well as caring for several of her own cats, all rescued from various scenarios. She truly is the ultimate cat lover!


Helen Spencer MRCVS.  Paxton Veterinary Clinics Ltd


We are original clients of Cat Calls since 1987 - we were using them right from the beginning!  We've been in a few different houses and had a few different cats. Magpie, Rufus, Amaryllis…  They've all been looked after wonderfully, loved and played with while we've been away - and our plants have been watered!


Jan, Crystal Palace



I have been a client of Cat Calls for over two decades and don’t know what I would do without Jane and her team. It is marvelous to be able to go on holiday with complete peace of mind, and to return knowing that not only Mollie my cat has been cared for perfectly, but also my chickens, wild birds and veg garden. I have no hesitation in giving Cat Calls a five star recommendation.


Jane, Herne Hill



We have used Cat Calls for over twenty-five years and hold them/Jane in the highest regard.  They have dealt with two aged cats - one of whom had a health problem and more recently, have been regular and much loved carers for our latest cat. They provide more than cat feeding - it's total peace of mind.  They have dealt with alarms going off, lost keys (us) and plant watering.  I would not trust anyone else to look after our cat (and he loves them too).


Ali, West Norwood



For almost as long as we've had cats (20+ years), Jane & co have been here when we're not. You care about your pets & they provide top care when you're not there. Your cat doesn't have to go on holiday just because you are; let them stay at home!


Stephen, Bellenden


My sister was one of Cat Calls’ original clients over 25 years ago, and Jane and the Cat Calls team have been looking after my own cats for nearly 20 years.  She has cared for them wonderfully in both health and sickness and Jane’s great experience and reliability gives me the reassurance I need to go away confident that they are in excellent hands.  My present cat is 19 years old and very frail, but she is always calm and happy on our return. 


Pennie, Forest Hill


My husband and I moved to Sydenham a little over a year and a half ago and while I was thrilled to bring our cat companion with us from the states, we both travel extensively and I was a little terrified at the thought of leaving her with strangers. To my relief, our local pet shop recommended Cat Calls and ever since we first used their services, they have been fantastic! For starters, they are very professional and thorough with the calls, we always return to a "happy but not over anxious" cat friend and a clean home. 


Jane and her wonderful crew truly love cats and it shows with their delight and diligence in the work they do. They send us updates and requests whenever we ask for one and sometimes just because, we receive a great photo they took of our beloved that they'd like to share.


I can honestly say because of this service, I can travel as before without constantly worrying about what's happening at home. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for fabulous, kind, professional cat sitters.


I hope it helps to give expats new to the city an idea of how wonderful your company's services are. Thank you for everything, we really appreciate everyone there.


Miisha, Sydenham



Thank you again! Two happy cats! You're the best! 


Tom, Anerley


After a friend's recommendation, we have been using Cat Calls for over 15 years now.  Despite our cats being timid creatures, whenever we go away we are in no doubt they are always relaxed, comfortable and well looked after so in turn we can also enjoy our time away.


Sallie, Sydenham


The utterly fabulous Cat Calls have been looking after our three cats for nearly fourteen years now. Jane and her colleagues are totally reliable, the house is left spotless and secure, and the cats are always well cared for. When one or other moggy is under the weather he/she gets extra attention and we get frequent updates. We wouldn't be without Cat Calls and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.


P.S Even Philip the stray has benefited from your kind attentions over the years too.

Val, Herne Hill


Cat Calls you are the BEST!  Balthasar and I agree that when his tin-opener (me) is forced to go on holiday there is no one else he would rather hang out with at home than yourselves.  (A Maine Coon with territory to patrol – how could he cope in a cat kennel in a different place and with limited space?)


We go back a long way, Cat Calls, more than 15 years. You looked after my other cats Cyrus and Ptolemy and little Rosie too. You were brilliant at giving them care and their medications as they became older and infirmities struck.  I knew I could depend on you when I had to be away and that their “holiday” too would be stress-free.


Plants are watered, post is gathered together and Balthasar’s good friend Marmite the fox, who lives in the garden, gets his supper.  So, on my return I feel my household has been well looked after.


I happily recommend you to friends and to anyone who needs the service you offer, as Balthasar says, you are the coolest and most capable cats in the neighbourhood.


Trisha and Balthasar, Beckenham



For more than 15 years Cat Calls have looked after our cats when we go away. We have found them to be utterly trustworthy, reliable and helpful. Our cats like them too!


Lynn & Gordon, Penge



We have been clients of Cat Calls for 11 years now.  They have been looking after our girls when we go away since we first got them.  The thought of putting our house cats in a cattery was something we never even considered, knowing that they are just at home safe and cosy with regular visits gives us an incredible peace of mind. Cat Calls service has always been reliable, professional and completely hassle free.  We have every confidence in them and no hesitation in recommending their services, which we will be using for years to come.


Michael, Anerley



Cat Calls have been looking after our cats  (and long-lived goldfish!) for about 15 years and have been marvelous. 


Anna, Dulwich



I would wholeheartedly recommend Jane and her Cat Calls team. I've used their service for nearly ten years, with three different cats. Jane obviously loves and understands cats, is organised, reliable and also a lovely person. The Cat Calls service has meant far more than just cat sitting for me. Jane has provided support when my rescue cat developed leukaemia, a listening ear when my neighbours complained about my kittens doing a midnight dance on the bedroom floor and most recently both emotional and practical support when my beautiful Cornish Rex kitty was diagnosed with lymphoma, just before I was about to go on a five week holiday. I'm not sure what I would have done without Jane since becoming a cat owner and will continue to use Cat Calls to look after my cats. 


Rachel, Sydenham



Cat Calls has looked after our two cats for nearly 8 years - since they were 6 months old - for periods of a few days up to 4 weeks. One of our cats is extremely timid but even she knows the Cat Calls routine and is happy and sociable when Jane and the team visit. Recently, immediately prior to going away, one of my cats injured her leg. Jane kept me up to date via e-mail on her progress and giving her the prescribed medication was no problem. The teams professionalism, and my confidence in their ability to look after her, meant that I could go away without worrying and knowing that at any sign of a deterioration in her condition they would immediately take her to our vet.


I can, with complete confidence, recommend Cat Calls - I don't know what I would have done without them!

Ann, West Dulwich


We have been using the Cat Calls team for approximately ten years and I can highly recommend Jane and her team of dedicated cat sitters.  They take their job seriously and are highly professional, with comprehensive knowledge of how to care for cats who might have medical conditions and other needs.  They take time to get you know their charges' personalities and quirks and are happy to keep in touch with anxious owners while away.  Our cats have got to know Jane and her team over the years and also send purrs of approval!


Rebecca, East Dulwich


Jane and her Cat Calls crew have been looking after our cats whenever we're away for more than 10 years now – they're now senior cats! It's great to be able to go away without worrying, or feeling guilty that they've had to move out of their home for the duration. Knowing that someone is visiting the house every day is reassuring too. Honestly, I don't know how we'd cope without Cat Calls!

Kate, East Dulwich



Hope you and the Cat Calls team are well! I am moving out of your area, and I’m so sad I won't be able to call on you all for Oz anymore - you made every holiday worry free and when I returned home I could always tell he had been taken good care of. 

Nicole, East Dulwich



We have used Cat Calls since we moved to the area years ago. We have always found Jane and her team, or as they are known in our house Henry’s Honeys, really helpful and accommodating. Not only do they look after Henry but they look after us with updates so we can relax while way. In addition to their cat duties, they make sure the house is safe and put back wheelie bins and take in the post. 


Orla, Forest Hill



Thank you so much for looking after our boys so well. We commented that they seemed happier than when we have left them with other people for much shorter periods of time.

We are so impressed and pleased with Cat Calls.  We are definitely planning to rebook and will let you know as soon as possible.  Thank you again.

Jesse and Eleanor, Penge



We just wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after Percy and Belle last week.


When we got back we found them both jolly and relaxed and we wanted to let you know how happy we are with your service.


Thanks a lot and till next time

Melanie and Mark, Crystal Palace


I still remember when we were away in 2010 when it was so snowy with roads blocked off but you all managed to get to the cats however difficult. You will definitely hear from us and see the cats at least very soon.


Amanda, Herne Hill



I'm finally moving! Sadly too far for you to keep looking after Gretel! Thanks for always looking after her so well and putting my mind at rest with updates!


Bev, West Norwood



Sadly, we're leaving Crystal Palace at the start of October to move to our new house in Orpington.  We'll be sad to lose such a lovely cat sitter (and one who puts up with our strange feeding routine!)  Many thanks for all your help, and the genuine love and care for our furries over the years.

Jo, Dan, Sabrina and Zizou, Crystal Palace



Thank you SOOOOOO much for all the love you've shown Joey over the last couple of years, you've been a godsend and I dread to think how we're going to find such good cat sitters elsewhere. 


Emma, Forest Hill



We have found Cat Calls to be very reliable, completely trustworthy and dedicated to their mission statement of providing excellent care to the cats entrusted to them.  We have been recommending them to many of our clients and have had only positive feedback.


Dr R Wenzel, MRCVS


This surgery has been associated with Cat Calls for the past several years and we have found them to be extremely reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to providing exceptional care for the pets they look after.  


Nazrene Moosa BVSc MRCVS



Many of my clients have used the Cat Calls service for many years and I have only ever heard praise, there never having been cause for complaint.


I have met Jane Matthews on many occasions and have been impressed by her reliability, professionalism and above all her caring approach to her charges and their owners.




Thank you for looking after the kitties! They were happy if very cuddly when we got back, and we have had lots of attention since.  I will very much miss the excellent service you provide. Having that peace of mind when we are away is invaluable, and I fear we will not be able to find the same service after we have moved!


Sam & Steph, East Dulwich



You are an angel and I don't know what we'd do without you.


Diane, Dulwich


Just wanted to say I am finally moving in the next three weeks and to thank you for the reliable service you have given over the last few years!


Nadia, Dulwich


I want to say thank you for caring for her and for caring about her all these years.


Roger, Forest Hill



The cats were once again totally chilled and it looked as if we had never been away!  Thank you so much, it is so comforting to know that we have a reliable and calming person who shows such care to the cats.


Sarah & Nick, Upper Norwood


I didn't say so in my last email, but we were both very grateful for the care, attention and dedication you and your team gave the girls and Frank, so yes, I will always contact you!


Rachel, Crystal Palace


Thank you so much for what you have done for Millie and Chippy. We arrived home last night and we were thrilled to see the cats looking completely relaxed and happy; it was as if we had only been out for a few hours! Millie has hardly been near the litter tray since we got back (although she poked at our feet in bed this morning for food!!)

Both cats are at present chilled out and flopping around as they normally do so thank you for giving them lots of love and attention. Thank you also for your phone call it was very much appreciated, especially by Sarah whose mind was totally at ease.

Nick, Upper Norwood



A quick note to say how much we appreciate you and the excellent service and care you have given Oscar and Lyla. You always go above and beyond and it is so reassuring to know that Oscar & Lyla are well cared for in our absence.


You are a true star. Thank you so much

Debbie & Ewen (and of course a big headbutt from O & L!), Dulwich



I am very happy to recommend Cat Calls to others. The service that Cat Calls provides is fantastic. I never worry about my cats when I go away as I know that the team at Cat Calls will look after my cats purrfectly!


Rachel, Dulwich


I'm delighted I found Cat Calls through SE20 magazine. Using them is so much more convenient for me than using a cattery. I find Jane and her team totally reliable.  Whether it's a weekend away or a longer holiday, they take all the stress out of caring for the moggy and they keep an eye on my home into the bargain. I send an e-mail of make a call and its all taken care of. Lovely people and a brilliant service.


David, Anerley


I first used Cat Calls many years ago to care for my two cats, Ceefa and Tammy, when my duties as customs officer often took me away from home on special operations.  Later, when often working away from home on three month contracts for the UN in Bosnia, Cat Calls continued to care for my cats who received as much care and attention in absence as they would normally.  I have no hesitation in recommending Cat Calls.

Don, Upper Norwood



I have been a customer of Cat Calls for over ten years. During this time I've not only known for certain that my cats have been in the very safest of hands, I've also had the peace of mind of knowing that the house is regularly checked.


Jane has been brilliant in every respect - from dealing with older cats needing pills to managing unruly kittens, not to mention the odd crisis, which she's managed with her usual calm efficiency. Can't recommend highly enough!


Ali, West Norwood


Cat Calls are a real life-saver. Always friendly and flexible.

I travel a lot with work, and knowing that my cats are cared for properly gives me real peace of mind when I'm away.


Alison, Dulwich



Thank you so much, Cat Calls, for giving us the confidence to go away for holidays in the knowledge that not only do our cats get practical care, they also get love and attention too.  Plus, it feels like having a cat behaviour expert and vet all rolled into one: which is why with one of our cats liable to going into life-threatening urinary retention, you are the only people we would trust with our cats!


Catherine and Nigel, Sydenham


Thanks again. The cats enjoy themselves so much whilst we are away, I'm almost thinking that perhaps I should send them on holiday and you can come in and look after us!

Marilyn, Dulwich



Sophie's priorities in life are food and love, and you give her plenty of those so she is happy!

Lisa, Forest Hill


We'll be moving out of London so would like to say a huge THANK YOU again for the brilliant service we have had from Cat Calls over the last few years. We've been confident the cats have had the best of care and you've also dealt with crises like the broken door lock with no trouble at all.


Thanks also so much for stepping in at no notice at all after I had to go into hospital in Scotland. (My arm's in plaster now and feeling much better, thanks!)  It's been a real pleasure dealing with you and we wish you all the best for a continuing successful business.

Sam and Mike, East Dulwich



Jane has been feeding our 3 cats for over 3 years now and she is brilliant - totally flexible and helpful too.  We never have to worry about going away, and the cats (and the flat!) have always been left in prime condition on our return. 


Val and Katie, Herne Hill