Why Cat Calls? 


Cat Calls was the first 100% feline focused, professional, full time, cat sitting service in the UK. 

The team is led by Jane Matthews who has owned and run Cat Calls for over 25 years.  


As the longest established cat sitting service in the UK, our loyal customers tell us we're still the best.

Our team at Cat Calls are all fully experienced, have all undergone a minimum of 6 months of very specific training with cats, and are all dedicated to caring for your cats as if they are their own. 

We are not an agency.  The people you see pictured here are the people who will be caring for your cat. 

During Covid-19 times we are a reduced team.  We hope to have our full team of five back in the future.  


We are Jane Matthews, Laura Marchant-Short and Lesley Morris Hill.  Click to find our more about us.





jane m.jpeg

We never contract work to any other staff or agencies. 


Jane Matthews holds the COAPE Certificate of Educational Excellence in Pet Behaviour (Feline.  Grade - Distinction). She has also studied for many years with world-renowned feline behaviourist Peter Neville. Peter is a Partner in the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology, founded in 1993. 

Laura Marchant-Short grew up with a menagerie in her native New Zealand and is second in command at Cat Calls.

Lesley Morris Hill brings many years of cat-care experience. 

The reason we don’t offer dog walking, is because it takes too much time away from the cats. We don't want to be a jack of all trades, we specialise in cats, leaving dogs to the dog walking professionals.


Should you also have small household pets such as fish, hamsters, exotics etc, they are included free of charge with your Cat Calls. 

We operate 365 days of the year. Cats are our number one priority, all day, every day, and have been for over 25 years.


Of course, we are fully insured. 

Cat Calls has been very generously recommended by all the local veterinary practices in the area for many years. We thank them for their continued support. 


Paxton Vet Group * Lordship Lane Vets * Mayow Veterinary Surgery

Parish Lane Vets * Brockwell Vets 

Norwood Road Vets * The Neighbourhood Vet * The London Cat Clinic 


We have also counted several veterinary surgeons themselves amongst our clients over the years. 

Here’s what some of our customers have to say – some of whom have been with us more than 25 years, many more than 10 years.